Sustee 'Plant Watering Checker' Australia

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It's The Best Plant Insurance You Will Find.

Watering is the biggest concern for those buying potted plants, and incorrect watering is reported to be the cause of plant wilting 80% of the time. Alleviate concerns with a Sustee ‘watering checker’ that can tell plant owners when to water their plants.

Simple to use


"Sustee changed my mind about houseplants - anyone can grow a plant with this device."

Mark, Sustee Customer

The set and forget watering is a must. I spent so many hrs wondering if my plants needed water or not. Now I can grow plants like a pro. I LOVE IT!"

Meg, Sustee User

Love my Sustee!! Never very confident with caring for indoor plants but my Sustee let's me know how."

Vicki, Sustee lover

How it works

Sustee is the world’s first aquameter for home use that can monitor soil moisture based on pF values. *pF is a measure of soil tension.

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