Where should I insert it in the pot?
It is important for Sustee to measure the moisture area around the roots. So please insert within 20 centimetres from the plant.

How do I know when to water?
Please give me water when the small window on the top of the Sustee becomes white.

What if my Sustee arrives and my indoor plants are already watered
Simply prime your new Sustee by placing into a cup of water and wait till the window turns blue then place into your already watered plant.

What kind of plants can you use Sustee on?
It can be used for almost all plants cultivated in soils with a certain lev el of moisture retention, from potting mixes, peat, moss and bark. It can also be used in spaces like vegetable cultivation using a planter or pot. 

What do I do when watering does not change the Sustee's colour?
The water absorption is probably hindered by something.

"It did not change colour as soon as I watered" 
It may be because the amount of water was too little. After inserting the Sustee, give your plant a good soak until the water flows out to the bottom of the pot. 

"Moisture is not being absorbed by the Sustee" 
Sustee absorbs moisture from the mouthpiece at the bottom. If it gets clogged with old hardened soil or there are excessive roots in the pot, the water may not be absorbed and colour change may not be possible. You can fix this by

    1. Loosening the soil a little when inserting the Sustee or changing the place to insert.
    2. Mix detergent with warm water and place SUSTEE window end down and let it soak for about an hour. Whatever is sticking to Sustee will be cleaned off. Dry and then use again.

How long does Sustee take to change colour?

  • Sustee size Small is about 3 minutes,
  • Medium size is about 15 minutes,
  • Large size is about 25 minutes for full-colour change in the window.

Depending on the soil, the colour may change after 1 hour. The quickness of colour change also depends on the water retention of the soil. Please refer time as a guide only.

How to tell if you need to replace the Sustee core?
"It showed no reaction at all even when I watered it." If you continue to use for a long time, the reaction of colour change may become dull due to the deposition of the components and particulates in the soil. Replacement of the core is recommended in this case. 

The Sustee Core is environmentally friendly and economical please use replaceable core refills.

The inner core of SUSTEE is made of natural fibers and can be consumed by microorganisms.
The state of the soil is a factor, but the core has to be replaced when it stops turning blue after watering (approximately after 6-9 months pending on your soil type).

Changing the core is done in two steps. It is easy and can be done by anyone.

Pull SUSTEE from the pot and follow the instructions below.
If dirt has accumulated in SUSTEE clean it before you insert a new core.

Make sure you replace all components in a single operation: Inner core, blue sheet and straw. It is rare but possible that the straw is left behind inside the main unit. If this happens, simply remove it with a pair of tweezers.

・Remove the top screw cap and look inside to make sure none of the used core material is left behind.

・Keep the refill in the inner bag of the product package until just before use. Once taken out of the bag, the refill's core material may discolour. *Discolouration won't, however, affect the refill's quality and effect. *This product will indicate the right time for watering your plants.

*Please make sure that your baby or toddler don't put SUSTEE in their mouth.

*If you have a malfunction at the initial use of Sustee please feel free to contact us for advice or a replacement.

How deep can you insert it?
Please insert it until the "Ω" mark printed on the product is hidden. 

If you insert it shallower than the "Ω" mark, it may degrade the accuracy of the colour change.

Which size should I choose?

Sustee size S is best for small or shallow pots with plant roots about 5cm inches deep
Sustee size M is best for pots 12cm to 20cm in diameter 
Sustee size L is best for pots more than 20cm in diameter

Do you recommend keeping it blue?
We recommend that you do not water when the window is blue, only water when it turns white. You may feel like wanting add water in the middle of the colour change but you don't want to over-water your plant friends!

What does each colour mean?
When it is blue, it means that the soil which does not need watering and is moist. When it's white it means that the soil is dry and needs some watering.

Does the frequency of colour change, change with the season? 
In the hot summer season, the moisture in your pot evaporates quickly, so it will turn white quicker compared to the spring and autumn months. Opposite to this, It is difficult to evaporate the moisture during the cold winter season, so the blue period tends to be longer.

Does the use of inorganic fertilizer, organic fertilizer, pesticide, etc. affect the product?
Unless used in excess or if the product contains a lot of oil, it should not affect the Sustee.

Do I need to do anything to take care of my Sustee?
After long periods of usage Sustee might not react as swiftly as it should. This may be due to soil sticking to it. Mix neutral detergent with warm water and place the Sustee upside down (the window facing downwards) in it and let it soak for about an hour. Whatever is sticking to SUSTEE should come off and dissolve this way.

After cleaning let dry till it shows white again. It can be used again after cleaning.

If you have any additional questions please contact us below