“Can I use on all types of plants?” Your questions answered

What is a Sustee? and what do they do?
Here's the quick run-down of everything you need to know.

1. Can I re-fill the Sustee?

Yes, refills are available and should only be required from approx. 6-9 months pending the quality of your soil mix.

2. Is the device recyclable?

Oh yes, Sustee is recyclable and reusable (even better)

3. Can I use for outside potted plants too?


4. How does it all work? 

Sustee senses water at the root level. It stays in your pot to continuously monitor your soil humidity and tells you when to top up, or if the soil is hydrated enough already. Sustee helps prevent withering and root rot - keeping your houseplants healthy so they can purify the air.

5. What size do I buy?

Sustee size S is best for small or shallow pots with plant roots about 2 inches deep
Sustee size M is best for pots 4.7 to 8 inches in diameter 
Sustee size L is best for pots more than 8 inches in diameter
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7. Can I take it out and move it to another pot?

Yup, just make sure you let your sustee dry for 24hrs then place into the new potted plant. The sustee needs time to dry out completely before going back to white.

8. Can I use on any type of plant?

Oh yeah, as long as it's in a pot, Sustee works on any and all of your plant friends.

It can be used for almost all plants that grow in soils with a certain level of moisture retention: from bog moss to gardening culture soil, Akadama soil, black earth, bark, coco peat, peat moss and vermiculite.

It's also instrumental in hydroculture, such as hydroponic cultivation and bottom watering, as well as in container vegetable gardening and roof-top open culture, to mention just a few application areas.

9. How do I take care of my Sustee?
After long periods of usage Susteemight not react as swiftly as it should. This may be due to soil sticking to it. Mix neutral detergent with warm water and placevupside down (the window facing downwards) in it and let it soak for about an hour. Whatever is sticking to Sustee should come off and dissolve this way. 

After cleaning let dry till it shows white. It can be used again after cleaning.

10. How much water should I use?
The correct amount of water is equal to a fifth to a quarter of whatever volume your pot holds. Try to water evenly.

11. Can I show off my device to all my friends?

Sure you can, it's the only watering device in Australia! Why wouldn't you want to help out another struggling plant parent?