Sus-tee the best thing to hit the houseplant community

Sus-tee Aqua meter is the best houseplant watering device to launch in Australia this year.

This award-winning product design is so clever you’ll grow a green thumb in no time.  

Awe but how can that be?

The best houseplant watering device 2019

 Take note…

  • Sustee senses water at the root level and avoids the damaged roots you get when trying to feel for soil wetness. 

  • Sus - tee stays in your pot to continuously monitor your soil humidity and tells you when to water your plants and when not to.

The best houseplant accessory 2019

This clever little device is so simple to use you won't believe it till you see it!

Step 1. Place your Sus-tee into your desired pot

Step 2. Water you plant

Step 3. Wait and watch your device turn from white to blue in the display window

Step 4. Set and forget - wait till your Sustee turns back to white -then you know its time to water again.

Step 5. Tell everyone about this product because it's seriously the biggest accessory to hit the houseplant world.

Sustee helps prevent withering & root rot - Keeping your houseplants healthy so they can purify the air. Ideal for green office spaces where Indoor plants need to be low maintenance - the device turns to white when your plant needs a stiff drink.

Growing Indoor plants can sometimes be daunting & at times disheartening if you are unsure of how often to water, however, this is the most crucial part of being a successful plant grower. Sustee Effectively guides houseplant parents on how to water their plants because overwatering is the biggest killer of indoor plants!